Steel Fabrication Work

If you need More Welding or Steel Fabrication work I know how you can get it


It doesn't matter where you are, these simple steps will work. How do I know? Because I've done it. 

Highrise Welder Fabricating Steel

I started a steel welding business in 1992 by myself, basically a one man repair shop. After a few years in business, circumstances exposed me to the construction industry. What I learned was that there is a never ending supply of work out there. There is always construction jobs in progress or bidding, always! I'm talking about shop fabrication of steel for the construction industry, not necessarily field work. If you get a certain percentage of the work you bid then the math is simple. If you want more work, bid more jobs.

I learned the hard way, trial & error over 10 years. From 1996 to 2000 we averaged over 2 million dollars a year in sales. At one point after looking at different business models we decided with our overhead etc we should do 400,000 per month in sales. Well we went to bidding & sold that much work for 2 months in a row. What a mess! We had to stop because we couldn't handle the work. We put on 3 shifts, Day shift spent most of the time fixing what the night shift screwed up. Anyway the point is - getting the steel fabrication work was not the problem. I know how to do that & am sure I can help you do it too.

I will email you simple, easy to understand & follow instructions on how to get work in the steel construction field. It will tell you:

  • How to find bidding jobs
  • The basics of bidding
  • How to find who to bid to
  • How to maintain relationships with contractors
  • How to get access to private jobs most people don't have a chance to bid
It will also give an overview of the whole process after award:
  • Contract do's & don'ts
  • Payment terms
  • Shop drawings
  • How to buy large amounts of steel with limited credit (joint check agreements)
  • Your Lien rights, both private & public under the Miller Act
  • The best tool you have to insure payment from a contractor
  • How to protect yourself from backcharging steel erectors
You don't have to have an in house drafting department to prepare shop drawings. There are guys out there who will do that for you. I'll give you actual contacts. You don't have to have inspectors, etc. All of that is usually subcontracted. If your new to the field what typically happens is you get too many jobs you bid. Your prices are too low. You are bidding against guys with inflated overhead. The guys that make the most money are the guys with the barebones office, no engineering staff, no sales staff, no computers, nothing. You really don't need all that. That stuff can sink you because it has to be fed every month, whether you have work or not. When those services are subcontracted at a fixed rate that is built into the job there is money to cover them. All you really need is a phone and a fax machine.

This is not secret, revolutionary stuff. It's just the basics. The stuff I wish someone had shared with me. I give real examples and stories from our own experiences with our steel welding shop.

If you're not able to increase your sales or you're not happy with the information I will give you your money back, no questions asked.






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